Dance-Along Nutcracker® is a fun way for kids to kick off the holiday season

Howdy, Pardners! Saddle up your hobby horses and pull on your spurs, as the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band takes you on a raucous romp through the Wild West!

This year’s show mixes Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker with that staple of Hollywood Americana, the Western picture show. When the audience takes to the dance floor, they’ll follow Clara and her Nutcracker into the dust-caked streets of Tombstone, through the swinging doors of the saloon hall and past the cactuses lining its canyon trails. This year, don’t be surprised if the musicians are costumed like cowboys, Mexican villagers or dancehall girls, or if that masked “man,” the Lone Ranger, is conducting Band!

Bring the kids to a daytime show or treat yourself to the Dance-Along’s Opening Night Gala, and you’ll enjoy one of San Francisco’s wackiest holiday traditions. Even wallflowers love it

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