Chris Cooney

Being a member of the band has touched my life in more ways than I ever thought were possible. It’s given my friends I cherish, music I love, and memories that will last me for the rest of my life. None have touched me as much as the first DAN I ever played in. It seemed like so much work, grueling hours of rehearsal for 20 pieces of music that almost drove me right round the bend. I swore up and down that this was the first and last time I’d do this. Then came the first show. Grumbling because I had to get up early on a Saturday morning, groggy and nervous as all get out, I couldn’t wait to get it over with. Showtime came, and as I watched the house fill up, I was amazed at how large the crowd was. Then came the worries. Am I going to sound good, what if I blow it, how am I going to get through this without throwing up? So many thoughts running through my head I didn’t have time to think. Then before I even knew it, Jadine was giving us the downbeat to the overture, then rapidly we played through each number, the crowd roaring it’s approval with each number. Then all of a sudden we played the last piece, the last note, the last dance and then too fast it was over, but I had done it, I had played my guts out and played damn good. I remember going home with praise in my ears and a smile on my face. It’s given me warm thoughts ever since. Thoughts that keep me warm on a cold winters night when I’m feeling alone. I think back, smile and feel the warmth course through me. It’s a feeling I never want to let go away, and I know it never will.

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