Ian Gerrard

It was 1998 and I was standing in the Exploratorium. And there was the band in full uniform providing a marching escort for my then-boss as he walked to the other end of the Palace of Fine Arts, all of it being broadcast live to radio stations around the country and streamed world-wide on the Internet. And I remember turning around, looking at a volunteer and saying “is this really happening?”

I joined the band a few months after that and it led to some of the most memorable experiences of my life, from quiet times at band camp to appearing in a mini-skirt and a beehive wig in front of a few hundred strangers at the 2000 Dance-Along. It also gave me the opportunity to support, and I hope have a small impact within, the lesbian/gay/freedom community, something I strongly believe in.

Thank you, for all of it.

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