Miriasiem Barnes

What a journey, my life has taken many chartered and unchartered paths and the road that hold me near and dear still to this very moment is the love and care road each and every member of this band has access to. In many ways this band saved my life! Thank you for the ability to have dreams and memories.

Every Tuesday night I struggle to remember to turn onto Howard street and stand in my ministry commitment, and when I do stop and pray and focus I remember where I learned the true meaning of harmony, unison, crescendo, decrescendo and these gifts are now tools in my ministry belt. I know some day soon Tuesday nights will be free again and I will be with my family and friends in a new way learning and growing a new.

I thank God for the Freedom Band!!! I know the work you do in the world changes lives, brings healing balm to those who suffer in silence, brings hope to the youth who see everything in the Gay and Lesbian lifestyle as temporary and not stable, you bring the longevity and stability.

I Love You and Miss You, With Great Respect and Love I Welcome You all with All of My Heart into My Heart.

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