Steven Schultz

The band first met in early June 1978 at a major disco called “Trocadero Transfer.” We were amazed to find a group of about 60 musicians. Ultimately, our first flutist was my teacher, Patrick Hurtado, who was a Julliard graduate. He studied with Julius Baker, the principal flutist in the New York Philharmonic. He was an incredible player who gave lesson to many of the flutists in the band. On that first June parade day, all the flutists and piccolo players met at Larry Delorier’s house on Casseli street for brunch. We then proceeded to the assembly area of the parade.

This was a first for the parade and we were greeted with thunderous applause and cheering the entire route. We had no opportunity to rest. Once we stopped playing the crowd yelled “music! music!”

That was a magical moment for all of us and continued that way through the concerts at Grace Cathedral and finally at Davies Symphony Hall in 1981.

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