Clara’s Magical Mystery Tour is Coming to Take You Away…

Get with it, man! Pull out your tie-dye threads, your peace medallion and your rose-colored aviator glasses as the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band takes you on a far out trip! Clara’s back and she’s dancing in Day-glo when the Nutcracker takes her on a psychedelic journey through the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

Clara’s Magical Mystery Tour is a celebration of the music and fantastical design sensibilities of the sixties and seventies. Peter Max, black light posters, lava lamps, The Beach Boys, Motown, girl groups, The Beatles, folk music, funk, CMMT showcases it all, while telling Clara’s story set against San Francisco’s Summer of Love.

The Dance-Along Nutcracker® is like the crazy great-grandmother of flash mobs. The ‘Dance-Along’ sign flashes on the wall, and most of the audience piles onto the dance floor and feels the love during impromptu dances to for everyone who’s there to witness it. Described by the San Francisco Chronicle’s C.W. Nevius as “inspired foolishness, tomfoolery on a grand and witty scale,” the Dance-Along Nutcracker® lets the audience concoct its own choreography beneath the psychedelic spotlights. And the wallflowers dig it as much as the dancers!

This year’s show features the parody lyrics and arrangements of composer June Bonacich, who composed “Fanfare for Tradeswomen” last year for the Community Women’s Orchestra, and the 2005 musical “Group Therapy” for the Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San Francisco.

Leading the cast is Leigh Crow (the artist formerly known as “Elvis Herselvis”) as the Rat King; Lia Metz (2010 Bijou Cabaret Contest winner and a regular warbler at Martuni’s) as Clara; and Flynn DeMarco (Thrillpeddlers’ Kiss of Blood in 2010) as the Nutcracker, Sgt. Lemon-Pepper. Carolyn Carvajal – veteran of the San Francisco Opera Ballet, the San Francisco Ballet and longtime collaborator at the Dance-Along Nutcracker® – returns to choreograph the show’s specialty numbers. The Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San Francisco appears as cast and crooners in this year’s show. Robert Casillas directs the actors, and of course, Jadine Louie conducts the Band.

Bring the kids to a daytime show or get with it and treat yourself to the Dance-Along’s Groovy Gala, and you’ll get down with one of San Francisco’s most far out holiday traditions. Even wallflowers dig it!

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