World Series 2014 Challenge


The Mid-America Freedom Band of Kansas City, MO challenged the SFLGFB to a wager on the just-concluded World Series. The loser had to make a recording of the other city’s signature song. Even before the San Francisco Giants had their World Series Victory Parade on Market Street, the Kansas City Band made good on their wager with the SFLGFB. Little did they know they were up against with our hometown Giants. They are a dynasty which overcomes whatever obstacles are put in front of them to bring home the World Series title.

Check out the first of two videos to hear the Mid-America Freedom Band playing a rather melancholy version of “I Left My (broken) Heart In San Francisco”.

In the second video (which plays automatically after the first one), the SFLGFB thanks the Mid-America Freedom Band of Kansas City for paying off on its World Series bet. It ends with a good bit of advice for the midwesterners and a rallying cry for the Giants.


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