2016 Pink Triangle of San Francisco

Pink Triangle
Saturday, June 25, 2016 – Installation: 7 am – 10 am/Commemoration Ceremony: 10:30 am
Christmas Tree Point Road
Twin Peaks, San Francisco

On Saturday, June 25 the SFLGFB will be playing at the Pink Triangle; the annual commemoration of the gay victims who were persecuted and killed in concentration camps in Nazi Germany starting in 1933 through the end of WWII. The pink triangle symbol has since evolved into an important reminder for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community of the continuing homophobia and inhumanity against them and other repressed minorities around the world. As educational tool for all to see, the Pink Triangle is a historical reminder of hate and intolerance, as well as an appreciation of the place to which we have evolved today. To spite the symbol’s tragic origins, it has been embraced by the gay community as a symbol of pride. We hope to see you there as community members transform a Twin Peaks Hill into a memorial that will be seen for miles.

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