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The San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band has performed for hundreds of community events, private events, fundraisers, political rallies, and parties in its 35-year history. Review the below to learn more about how the SFLGFB might work best for your event. Please email our Event Coordinator for more information about booking the Band.

Community Events

In many cases the Band will perform gratis for other 501(c)3 organizations that serve the community. We are happy and proud to have served a large variety of different GLBTIQQ, women’s, people of color, ethnic, healthcare, veterans, activist, senior, student, disabled and other community service organizations in the greater Bay Area and beyond.

Send our Event Coordinator the details of your event, including how it benefits the overall community. We can then work with you to determine if and how the SFLGFB can appear at your event.


Are there wedding plans in your future? Hire the Band to add a true piece of San Francisco to your ceremony!

Whether you’re planning a same-sex or opposite sex wedding, the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band can provide just the kind of appropriate live music that the important day demands. You can have the full band perform (around 25-30 musicians) or one of its many smaller ensembles (duos, trios, quartets, etcetera). Whatever the size of your wedding, the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band can provide the music.

The San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band has been a part of local history for the past 35 years, including a number of mass Domestic Partner ceremonies at City Hall. We even had several of our members get married during 2004 and 2008. Now that same-sex weddings are again being performed in California, we are looking forward to having even more of our members celebrating their marriages.

To give your wedding a true San Francisco flavor, hire the SFLGFB. After all, we ARE the Official Band of San Francisco.

For more information about booking the Band for a wedding (or other event), please email our Event Coordinator.

Political Events

What better way to pump some life into a political pep rally than to have a band playing “Happy Days Are Here Again” or some up-tempo marches? Over the years, the SFLGFB has played for all kinds of these events, and as the “Official Band of San Francisco,” no group is more appropriate to be your event’s entertainment! As long as you provide is with sufficient leadtime, there’s a good chance we can be a part of your event. Start the ball rolling by sending our Event Coordinator all the details of your event. Please be aware that the SFLGFB’s non-profit status prevents it from taking a stance on a candidate or political issue. Thus, the Band must receive some amount of compensation in order to perform at political events. Our Event Coordinator will have information on rates for these events.

Corporate Events

San Francisco is a great convention city, and the SFLGFB has performed at many conventions, meetings, parties, and other corporate events over the years. You’ll find the Band to be a very flexible musical ensemble that can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your corporate event. Of course there are other bands out there, but only the SFLGFB is The Official Band of San Francisco. So, if you’ve chosen to have your corporate event in San Francisco, why not add a real piece of authentic culture? Just send our Event Coordinator all the details of your event and we can then let you know if the Band is available and what the rates would be.