Dance-Along Nutcracker 2012 – How to organize your table or group

I Wanna Be a Producer: Tips for Casting Your Table

Here are some tips to help you prepare a cast list and develop an entertaining experience for them.

Register to Cast the Gala!

It’s easy! You can register online or by phone for either the Celebrity Sponsor Packages or the Cast the Gala group sales program.

Organize a Table

Filling your table begins with extending the invitation. Invite friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, or whoever else you feel may enjoy one of the most fun holiday shows EVER. The best invitation for your guests is a personal one. Invite them in person, by telephone, or e-mail. The most important thing is to extend the invitation.

Start early! Don’t wait until the last minute. People’s calendars fill up quickly; especially for the holidays. Getting on their schedules earlier will give you the highest likelihood of successfully filling your table. Even if they don’t buy the tickets right away, your potential guests will be aware of the Dance-Along Nutcracker® and of your desire to have them attend.

Why Guests Should Attend

Let them know that this is the Band’s major fundraiser every year and by attending, they are helping the first openly LGBT music organization in the world continue to do what they do – spreading music, creating music opportunities and promoting LGBT visibility. If you’d like to know more about the Band, check out the band’s mission statement.

Beyond making an impact on our future, the Dance-Along Nutcracker® is a fun and energizing evening. The pre-party and dancing during the show will be the highlight of your holiday season. The people at your table, and dancing with you in the aisles, are great company. And they’ll walk away from the evening knowing they’ve contributed to an amazing community group.

What to expect when you arrive

As people commit to your table, tell them an envelope with your name on it will be waiting in the lobby at the sponsor check-in table. Just ask your guests to give the attendant at the sponsor check-in table your name, and they’ll give your guests their tickets and direct them to your table. It’s as easy as that!