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In the News

SFLGFB Named Official Band of San Francisco – SF Bay Times

SFLGFB Named Official Band of San Francisco – SF Examiner

SFLGFB Named Official Band of San Francisco – SF Chronicle

SFLGFB Named Official Band of San Francisco – Bay Area Reporter

SFLGFB Named Official Band of San Francisco – Donna Sachet’s Column

Pumps and Circumstance: San Francisco Imperial Court Celebrates 50 Years
Dance-Along Nutcracker ‘Goes Don Ho-Ho-Ho’ This Year with Hawaiian Theme BAY TIMES
Holiday dance 2014: Nutcrackers abound the Bay Area SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS
Crowd at SF Veteran’s Day parade small but moved SF GATE
Nelson Mandela and Maurice Sendak To Be Celebrated at This Year’s Pride Concert BAY TIMES
Dance-Along Nutcracker Takes You to the Caribbean This Holiday Season BAY TIMES
Making Music Through History BAY TIMES
Grand Avenue Theft Auto BAY TIMES
Pete Nowlen: New Artistic Director of the SF Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band BAY TIMES
Artistic director brings fresh approach to classical music INSIDE
As Proms Go By BAY TIMES
‘Ripped from the Headlines’ Celebrates LGBT Civil Rights Milestones BAY TIMES
Merging an Activist Spirit with Music BAY TIMES
On a Musical Quest BAY TIMES
Tiptoe Through the Tombstones BAY TIMES
Playing Music to Power BAY TIMES
Sugar Plum Social Barometer BAY TIMES
Have a Gail Ol’ Time! BAY TIMES
Costume Tips from a Crowd-Wow Junkie BAY TIMES
Fall Concert Features Two World Premiere Arrangements BAY TIMES
Organ Music That’ll Turn You On BAY TIMES
Year of the Dragon: Marching for Grace BAY TIMES
Playing City Hall

A Memorable New Year’s Eve Bash BAY TIMES
Dance-Along Nutcracker Was Far Out, Man! BAY TIMES
Holiday Child’s Play. BAY TIMES
Freedom band on parade. BAY AREA REPORTER
Ding Dong, DADT Is Dead! BAY TIMES
Accidental Game Show Contestants. BAY TIMES
Castro Tribute To 9/11 Victims. SF SENTINEL
Band ‘O Plenty: A Musical Feast Celebrating the Season of Harvest. BAY TIMES
9/11 – Soothing the Ravaged Breast. BAY TIMES
Out at the Ballgame: LGBTQ Night at AT&T Park. BAY TIMES
Torture: It gets better? BAY AREA REPORTER
Sunny Side Up. BAY TIMES
Holding Hands with Gertrude & Alice. BAY TIMES
Losing Lucifer. BAY TIMES
Inside the Parade. BAY TIMES
We Are Family Day: Lesbian/gay band concert. SFGATE
Naughty Nautical Nutcracker Danced Along. BAY TIMES
Dance-Along Nutcracker Had A Western Flavor, Pardner. BAY TIMES
Lesbian/Gay Bands To Perform In Obama’s Inaugural Parade. BAY TIMES
Dance-Along Nutcracker Went Bah Humbug. BAY TIMES
The sound of Pride: San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band turns 30 at Pride. BAY AREA REPORTER
Dance-Along Nutcracker Was Rat-Ified!. BAY TIMES
Freedom of expression in pearls and leather. EDGE: SAN FRANCISCO
Freedom Band Marches Ahead. OUT NOW MAGAZINE (p46)
SF Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band Announces New Conductor. BAY TIMES
SF L/G Freedom Band celebrates endurance. BAY AREA REPORTER
The Plain Truth About The Nutcracker. BAY TIMES
Lighting Up The Castro. BAY TIMES
What good is dancing alone in your room? SF Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band offers annual ‘Dance-Along Nutcracker’.BAY AREA REPORTER
Welcome back, Connlain!: ‘Dance-Along Nutcracker’ puts on a fresh face with a guest conductor. BAY AREA REPORTER
SF Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band Nabs ’06 Absolutely Fabulous Overall Contingent Award. SF PRIDE
So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye! BAY AREA REPORTER
Good night, Jadine. SF CHRONICLE
A ‘Nutty’ holiday dance. Luckily, talent is not a prerequisite. SF CHRONICLE
Unique Spin on the Nutcracker. Everyone’s a star at S.F.’s exuberant ‘Dance-Along’ version. SF CHRONICLE
Cheering on San Francisco
Dance-Along Nutcracker. LA TIMES

Cracked Up Nuts. Dance To Nutcracker. SF BAY TIMES
SF’s Dance-Along Nutcracker.DANCE MAGAZINE
Traveler’s journal: Nutcracker nuttiness.SUNSET MAGAZINE